You Can Trust Installation and Power Generation by Michigan Critical Power

Emergency Backup / Standby, Prime and Continuous

Sales, Installation, Service and Maintenance Solutions!

We are a thoroughly-experienced, strong, honest and hard-working Grand Rapids owned and operated company. MCP is dedicated to the long-term, full satisfaction of our valuable clients. We are the most highly motivated and effective factory-certified Dealer for the following GenSet manufacturers:

  • KOHLER Generators
  • BRIGGS & STRATTON Generator Systems
  • CUMMINS Power Generation
  • GENERAL ELECTRIC Home Generator Systems
  • GENERAC Generator Systems
  • AKSA-USA Power Generation
  • EATON Generators

MCP provides very competitive and competent pricing solutions. From simple bids to full turnkey GenSet analyses and recommendations on fueling options along with estimated operational costs. Including utility rate choice analysis. We provide electrical and plumbing work and coordinate with the gas and electric utilities, selected fuel providers as well as local inspectors for a complete Job-Well- Done! Our suggestions on preferred vendors and solutions are transparent which allow for itemized choices should customers not desire a turnkey solution.

We are very motivated to earn your good business with our local company and these great manufacturers! Please give us the opportunity to review our common objectives, capabilities and interest so we can perfect a winning plan for mutual success.

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